About Ann

Izzy, Ann, and Sophie

Izzy, Ann, and Sophie

My name is Ann. I consider myself to be hovering in the infancy of my personal blogging experience.  In this blog, with its haphazard entries, I am practicing at writing. Sometimes I talk about companion dogs and rescue. I talked about school when I was still in school. These days, any topic may come up.

This photo is c. 2011. Izzy is the dog I am currently writing about–the novel is slowly coming along. Sophie is on my lap–she was a princess–bully to Izzy. These two currently reside in the great doggie pasture before the rainbow bridge up in the heavens.


4 Responses to About Ann

  1. Carol says:

    I love this picture, please don’t remove it!!! Your blog in excellent. So this is a sample of your hard work. Since I’m a baby boomer it explains just who I am in todays world. Wow, I never thought of myself as an immigrant, but I guess I am.

  2. Joann Gonzalez says:

    Ann it’s no wonder your babies love you. If I was a dog guess where I would want to live? You have taken a huge step trying to
    saving these unfortunate dogs. Both by rescuing them yourself and this blog. Your speaking out for those who can’t. There’s a lot of people out there that will have to sooner or later answer to God. He created these animals for his pleasure and ours and not to be abused. If these animals could talk they would all be thanking you. God bless you and I pray he opens doors that your words can reach many. Xoxo

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